Measures safe visit to the museum

To allow a distance of 1.5 meters, we receive a maximum number of visitors at the same time.

With health problems - cold, runny nose, sore throat, mild cough, elevation, fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and / or shortness of breath - it is not allowed to visit the museum and reserve a ticket.

A fixed one-way walking route has been created in the museum.

Always follow the instructions of our employees.

The store is open. Payment is only possible with a pin. We request that you touch as few items as possible when visiting the store.

Disinfect your hands regularly. Disinfectants are available at various places in the museum.

Workshops and other group activities cannot continue for the time being. For group visits between 5 and 15 people, please contact

Of course, the general RIVM measures also apply: keep 1.5 meters away from visitors who do not belong to your own group, stay together with your own group as much as possible and observe the hygiene measures.

Children visit the museum accompanied by an adult.

We sell tickets with a start and end time (called time slot). This way we prevent it from becoming too busy in the museum. Buy e-tickets (up to 5) in advance on a day and time. Upon arrival at the museum, show the e-ticket on tabled, mobile or print. Purchased tickets cannot be taken back, date or time slot cannot be changed. You report to the museum at the reserved time. The length of the visit takes into account the time it takes to scan the e-ticket, hang up your jacket and go to the toilet. So there is enough time to see everything when you arrive at the agreed time.

The museum is kept as clean as possible for you.

Small bags are allowed to enter the museum, but not backpacks.

As always, our reception staff keep an eye on things. We assume that everyone is aware of the need for a safe environment. When you enter the museum, the staff will draw your attention to this and possibly call you to account.