Museum café with terrace

Before or at the conclusion of your visit enjoy a drink, warm apple pie or a lunch at the adjacent tea room Cruquius Theehuis. Originally, the Teahouse was the home of the supervisor of Gemaal De Cruquius. The Teahouse is entirely made of wood and has a beautiful large terrace overlooking the Ringvaart and the Spaarne. When it's a bit fresher, the plaids are waiting for you on the terrace chairs. Enjoy a cup of coffee, a drink or a delicious lunch.

Catering options

Cruquius Museum works closely together with Teahouse Cruquius. From weddings to business presentations or children's parties, the Tea House provides a suitable catering for us. In addition, the rental spaces are also shared with each other. A wedding in the Water Board Room could be followed by a party in the garden of the Tea House.


For all your questions about rental, catering or the Tea House, please contact Birgitte Commissaris, (023) 52 857 04, For other information, please visit