Museum shop

In the museum shop you will find nice souvenirs of the pumping station. Ideal as a gift is the beer made from wheat from Haarlemmermeer, the postcard collections and bookmarks with beautiful reproductions and museum and historical editions and various tulip vases and crockery. For children and grandchildren there is Discover and Do-it-Yourself toys from Makado and Ugear.

For lovers there are novels about the polder and the pumping station and publications about the technique and history of the pumping station and the Dutch struggle against water.
Start your search for the perfect gift in the museum shop.

Wilesco steam engines

Cruquius Museum is the official point of sale of Wilesco, the beautiful, truly working miniature steam engines and accessories. All their products and fuel, can be obtained or ordered from us!
Museum shop free of charge
The museum shop is accessible free of charge during visiting hours of the Cruquiusmusem.

  • Give discovery and construction toys as a gift
  • Give discovery and construction toys as a gift
  • Beer made in the polder, 4.5 metres below sea level
  • postcards about the pumping station
  • postcards about dry grinding by mills
  • a dutch handmade jewelry