In addition to the permanent collection in the Historical Museum and Museum Cruquius there are always temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions highlight a specific part of the polder and life in the polder. So there is always something new to see. Worth a visit.

The exhibition "Heavy metal' can be seen in the Cruquius Museum. Robust industrial objects captured with a homemade pinhole camera. This unique photo technique creates images with a concentration of bright light in the center and dark parts at the edges, a mysterious clair-obscur.

The exhibition 'Links, a journey through meaningful places in Haarlemmermeer' can be seen in the Historical Museum. The exhibition is the 'outside museum', containing fifteen special markings placed on visible and invisible heritage locations in the polder. This way residents and visitors can discover the history of Haarlemmermeer walking and cycling. The exhibition in the Historical Museum, functions as a 'travel agency' for this outdoor museum.