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Is Cruquius Museum open during Christmas and Newyear?

Cruquius Museum is closed on Christmas and Newyear. The museum is closed on April 27th, December 5th, 24th, 25th, 26th and 31 and January 1st.

Opening hours:
March to November, monday till friday 10AM - 5PM. Weekends and Holidays 11AM - 5PM
November to March, monday till friday 13PM – 5PM.Weekends and Holidays 11AM – 5PM

Is Cruquius Museum open on Mondays?

Yes the museum is open on Mondays.

Is the shop at the Cruquius Museum open all year?

The shop at Cruquius Museum is open every day of the year accept on April 27th, December 5th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 31th  and January 1st.

Are there toilets at Cruquius Museum?

Public toilets are located at the main entrance of the Museum.

What is the entrance price of Cruquius Museum?

Entrance Fee Cruquius Museum

Adults € 10,-  

Children 0 t/m 4: Free

Children 5 t/m 12: € 5,-

Youngsters 13 t/m 17: € 7,-

CJP:  € 6,-

Where can I find the lost and found?

You can find the lost and found at the informationdesk in the Cruquius Museum, Cruquiusdijk 27, 2142 ER Cruquius.

Or call + 31 (0) 23 52 857 04 to talk to our reception. 

Are dogs allowed at the Cruquius Museum?

There are no dogs allowed in Cruquius Museum, except for guide dogs.


What are the parking fees at Cruquius Museum?

Cruquius Museum has its own car park for visitors. You can park free of charge.


Is Cruquius Museum accessible for wheelchairs?

The Cruquius Museum is located in a 19th century steam pumping station. The museum does have an elevator for wheelchairs.The parkingspace is located in 20 m distance of the entrance of the museum.