Historical Museum as a travel agency

The exhibition 'Schakels, een reis langs betekenisvolle plekken van Haarlemmermeer' can be seen in the Historical Museum. The reason for the exhibition is the 'outdoor museum' that was realised in Haarlemmermeer in May 2018. Twenty special markings, designed by René Knip, have been placed on visible and invisible heritage sites in the polder. In this way, residents and visitors can become acquainted with the history of Haarlemmermeer on foot and by bicycle. The exhibition functions as a 'travel agency' for this outdoor museum. Come along and book your journey through the history of Haarlemmermeer.
Links on the Chain connects stories, places of meaning, visible or invisible and residents to each other to form a heritage route through the polder.

Practical information

You will find the Historical Museum at Bosweg 17 in Hoofddorp. Click here for opening hours, entrance (museum card is valid) and route. A number of disabled parking spaces are available next to the museum entrance. If you have any questions about the route, or availability of these spaces, please call the museum: 023 56 204 37.